Since 2015, the ARTgallery Keller has been based in Graben-Neudorf, not far from Karlsruhe, and displayed paintings in its 120 square metres of exhibition space. The gallery’s artists studied at art academies and art colleges in Great Britain, Germany and the Ukraine and have participated in international exhibitions. While some artists, such as Swetlana Kowal and Andrey Chebotaru, have dedicated themselves to landscape painting, Heinz Neumann additionally paints still lifes, and Patrick Mougeot focuses on painting the human body. What they all share is an exploration of colour in the tradition of colourist painting, whose most important German representative – Hans Purrmann – was born in the nearby town of Speyer. The artists at ARTgallery Keller win over their audience through their deep understanding of painting and their expressive power.

The gallery’s artists (selection in alphabetical order)

• Andrey Chebotaru • Alexander Chrapachov • Swetlana Kowal • Boris Litowtchenko • Patrick Mougeot • Heinz Neumann