Oleksandr Khrapachov


Born on the 29th of December 1981 in the city of Kharkiv.He raised in the city of Zaporizhya. From his early days he was overwelmed by the desire to paint and to deepen into his inner world with the purpose of self-discovery. As a result, he entered the Junior School of Art. Owing to mature artists he began to practice the plaine-air painting, when he was a pupil. Then he succesfully finished several preliminary courses in order to enter Kyiv higher educational establishment of art.

In 2000, while had been studying at the National Academy of Fine Art and Architecture in the city of Kyiv, he entered the Faculty of Painting and was taught by such academicians as L.V. Vitkovsky, I.А. Kovtaniuk, V. Vyrodova-Gotie, O.Sheremet, A.N. Beliansky, T.N. Golembiyevskaya, A.Ye. Zorko, A.N. Tverdaya. He payed mush attention to study of the traditional school of painting and drawing and the Academy fund as well as developed his skills in the studio of Proffessor V.I. Gurin.

In 2006 he became a member of the youth association of  National Painters Union of Ukraine. That year he upheld his Degree Painting The Temple, took Master’s Degree and entered to the department of assistancy and training of the Faculty of Painting tutored by V.I. Gurin and by virtue of this he continued his creative seeking in the boundless world of art.