Volodymyr Veshtak


Was born 23.10.1954. Graduated from the Kyiv state art institute (1983). Teachers on a specialty - A. Chebykin, K. Zaruba. Works in the field of painting, graphics. Major works: posters - "Caring about the future" (1987-90), "Grim, antimony..." (1993-2002). Member NUAU (1984).

Vladimir Veshtak is a painter to have been noticed and awarded...
He is kindred spirit to the German expressionism. The deliberate lack of composition center understood as an easel-painting notion allows overstepping the picture frames and thus expressing master's emotional world... and success of his exhibition in Berlin was not a mere chance as German culture administrative bosses were inspired by his pictures and bought several. Thus Veshtaks appeal to admirers in Berlin Culture Amt in Pankov. Rhythm being the composition fundamental principle is expressed in his works. It is the rhythm that proves all the modem mathematic theories of chaos being the part and the fundamental principle of the structured system.