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Andrii Chebotaru

Andrii Chebotaru

Andrey Chebotaru Ukrainian artist, landscape oil painter, the famous master of plein-air painting.
Born in 1984 in the city of Sevastopol, Ukraine, in the family of artists.
His paintings are fascinated by the diversity and courage of composite solutions, a combination of color. He is able to afford any creative experiment. That is why his works are recognizable at first sight. Contrast and harmony of color spots becomes the highlight of his work. He is able to reproduce any spiritual intonations in color: from lyrical landscapes to chaotic dramatic motifs of conditions in nature, skillfully confronts colors that are almost impossible next to each other.
Andrei travels a lot and writes the most picturesque places in different countries.
Took part in numerous national and international art exhibitions.
His works are in private collections, galleries of Ukraine and worldwide.

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