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Swetlana Kowal Swetlana

Swetlana Kowal Swetlana

Svitlana is a Ukrainian artist, painter.

She was born in Kyiv in 1978.

1989-1993 studied in the Art School for Children in Zhytomyr, graduated with excellent results (director and teacher of this school was People's Artist V.N. Shkurinskyi).

In 1997 graduated from Republic Art School T.H. Shevchenko.

In 2003 graduated Kyiv National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture.

Studied in the department of painting in the workshop of the outstanding artist of Ukraine Prof. V.I. Hurin.

In 2006 completed assistant sales internship in Kyiv National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, in the painting workshop of the People's Artist of Ukraine Prof. V.I. Hurin.

Participated in all-Ukrainian and international art exhibitions.

Laureate of the competition named M. Dmytrenko, Kyiv National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, Kyiv 2001.

Works in the field of panel painting.

 While still a student, she often went out in plein airs with groups of artists, traveled with them a lot in the Carpathians, there they made performances with the participation of the locals, dressing them in colorful national costumes and painting on the background of the amazing majestic mountains.

 After graduation Svetlana engaged in painting, improved her performance in the academy, immersed herself in the capture of color and the play of light. She was inspired by French Impressionists and painted from nature, traveling a lot from one plein air to another, being fascinated by the beautiful nature of different parts of Ukraine. Among her works you can see classical landscapes, portraits, still lifes. Interesting peculiar search in colors, compositions, search for the unique state of nature at the time of early morning, dawn or sunset in the evening, the warm sun or thunderstorm sky, each new shade in the state of nature becomes a new wave of inspiration.

 "My art making is dedicated to all that is beautiful and unique. Everything that surrounds me: my familiar people, inner beauty of man, outer harmony and richness of colors of country costume, simple beauty of ordinary life, picturesque nature of Ukraine - all this is the source of my spiritual and creative forces. I think, my works are similar in nature for everyone who was once saturated with the beauty of wild nature, peculiar color of country life, uniqueness and uniqueness of the native land."

Svetlana paints in oil, carefully applying the strokes. The paintings become light and sunny, therein lies the secret of the charm of her paintings.

She likes natural landscapes, genre scenes, still lifes equally well. Everything breathes with life, is full of colors.

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