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Boris Litowtchenko

Boris Litowtchenko

Boris Litowtchenko

About myself and my artworks Based on a realistic painting school, Borys Lytovchenko uses impressionistic techniques, balancing on the verge between these styles. Wide and small strokes in artist's paintings are sometimes quite dynamic and violate the boundaries of the form, but the color and tone integrity remains. 

Coloristic solutions in Borys Lytovchenko's paintings cause great interest and admiration. The artist is a beautiful colorist, he has a rich color palette, consisting of infinitely diverse color nuances. It can be both pure sonorous colors, and muted pastel shades - all together they sound very harmonious. 

At the heart of Borys Lytovchenko's painting lies the school of fine arts - his teachers were such famous artists as V. Puzyrkov, I. Shtilman, V. Kostetskyi. Extensive knowledge gained during studies and permanent plein air practice, as well as a talent of delicately senses of surrounding world artist, allowed the formation of a mature creative personality. Landscapes of Borys Lytovchenko are moments of revelation! 

When you see in front of you on the canvas the sky melting in warm apricot shades, the edge touching with the lilac haze beyond. Or lilac-blue silhouettes of flowering apple trees in the gathering twilight against the background of blue-green grass and purple earth. Or the morning, which spilled liquid sparkling silver along the edge of the cloud and a shimmering path on the soft gray velvet of the sky-sea. Most paintings of Borys Lytovchenko are still lifes with flowers and fruits. Their compositions are diverse - against the background of lawns, solid foliage or on the windowsill. Always different in mood, color scheme, but impressive, giving bright emotions. The artist travels a lot and from everywhere brings a lot of sketches. Most often it is the sea and mountains from Montenegro, from the Carpathians, from Sedniv. Education 1953-1958 - M. Hrekov Odesa State Art School 1958-1964 - National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, teachers prof. I. Shtilman, V. Kostetskyi, V. Puzyrkov 1964 - teacher of drawing, painting and composition in Taras Shevchenko State Art School


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