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Since 2015, the artgallery-Keller is based in Graben-Neudorf, not far from Karlsruhe, and shows paintings on its 180 square meters floor space. The gallery’s artists studied at art academies and art colleges in Great Britain, Germany and the Ukraine, and participated in international exhibitions. While some artists have dedicated themselves to landscape painting, for example Swetlana Kowal und Andrey Chebotaru, besides landscapes Heinz Neumann also paints still lifes, and Patrick Mougeot focuses on painting human bodies. Common to all is the exploration of colour in the tradition of colourist painting, whose most important German representative Hans Purrmann was born nearby to Speyer. The artists of artgallery-Keller convince by their deep understanding of painting and their expressive power.

Andrey Chebotaru
Andrey Chebotaru was born on December 23, 1984 in Sevastopol, in the artists’ family of Nikolay and Tamara Chebotaru. From 1995 till 2002 he was studying in the art studio in Sevastopol, later – in Crimean Art College Samokisha N.S.. His lecturer in specialty was Grigoriev V.I.. Since 2007 he had been a student of the National art and architecture academy in Kiev. During this period he improves his techniques more and more and brings his art to a new level. While studying in the studio of landscape artists Zabashta V.I. and Melnychuk I.Y., Andrey changed his palette and declared himself as bright and talented. In 2011 Andrey Chebotaru enters the National Union of artists of Ukraine. With special awe and excitement he paints the landscapes of Ukraine, Montenegro, Croatia, Italy and other countries, as well as the Crimean cities Sudak, Balaclava, Gurzuf and Sevastopol.
His paintings fascinate with variety and boldness of compositional solutions and combination of colours. He is able to let himself any creative experiment. That is why his works are recognisable at first sight. Contrast and harmony of color patches become the highlights of his creativity. His sense of color depth create a special symphony of art poetry and the joy of life. With the help of colour he reproduces any emotional intonation: from lyrical landscapes to chaotic dramatic tunes in the states of nature. He constantly visits plein-air art meetings where he always finds inspiration to create new works and continues to search, explore and experiment.
Born in Chálons-sur-Marne in 1960

1991-94 License Arts Plastiques, Byam SHAW School of Art, Londres

1995-96 Maitrise Arts Plastiques, Winchester School of Art, Winchester

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